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According to the Eligibility Rules for Health Insurance, the people from the 65+ age group and the patients in the terminal stage of their disease are eligible for home treatment and care by the Institute for Gerontology, Belgrade, if they meet the following conditions:

  the doctor must decide that they need medical care at home;
  they live alone or with family/household members who are incapable of caregiving due to their health condition, according to the assessment of the Institutes's Team for Admission.

To qualify for home treatment, nursing care and palliative care, the patient should present the following documentation at home:

  Previous month pension check
  Personal ID
  Verified health insurance card
  Medical documentation

Each registered person is visited by the Assesment Team who decides on the admission and the mode of home treatment, nursing and palliative care in accordance with the patient's medical indications, functional status and social welfare conditions.

Applications for the home treatment, nursing and palliative care should be submitted in person, at Kralja Milutina 52/I, or by telephone to 2067 813; 2067 834 or e-mail: ightc@beotel.yu

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